Buying a painting

If your interested in buying a painting please Contact me and I can tell you the price and more about the painting.
Prices currently range from about £35 for a small painting that's supplied unframed, to about £350 for a large framed painting.

Some of my paintings can be at exhibitions or in galleries.
Many paintings will also be here with me in my studio.
Please contact me for any other information you need regarding my work.

The new 'Smaller Paintings' range
The new 'Smaller Paintings' range are made using the same professional artist quality paints and materials that I use for larger work.
This range is made to be very affordable and usually supplied without a frame for you to frame it yourself in your own style of frame.
They are all original unique paintings that will fit in any size room.

I do not make prints of paintings anymore.
Each painting shown is the real thing, original and unique.

Some of my paintings are also sold online by Art Gallery who are based in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.
I am please to say I am now one of their Bestselling Artists.

Paintings in High Street Galleries
Please Note: If you have seen one of my paintings at a high street gallery and you want to buy it, you will have to buy it through the gallery you saw it in, and not directly from me.
This is only fair as galleries spend a lot of money showing my work.

Thank you for looking at my paintings.