Tony Lilley is an artist based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere !
Albert Einstein

My Work and Me
Tony Lilley - Artist
My paintings are of imaginary scenes that just suddenly come into my mind, at any time, and I just feel inspired to make them. Some have a lighthearted, spooky or quirky atmosphere with a touch of humour. Others may have a more nostalgic feel.

More recently I have started to paint Abstracts and Semi-Abstracts, these have a more contemporary feel combining both realism and abstraction.
This at the moment is still very new for me so watch this space, as they say !

I have always loved old SiFi posters and album covers. Remember when they were 12 inches square and sometimes the paintings would stretch across a double album giving a 24 inch wide picture. I'm sure these have had a large influence on my paintings of imaginary scenes.

I like to work in acrylics as they allow me to work in many ways from watercolour style painting all the way through to impasto and mixed-media with a fast drying time. Although my main work continues to be painting with acrylics I also use water mixable oils which are great to work with. Most recently I have been using Atelier Interactive Acrylics that are fantastic to paint with as they are extremely versatile. Every now and then I get the urge to do something very different and switch over to mixed-medias including transfers, acrylic printing and collage methods.

Our family used to sail boats for many years and I am drawn towards creating coastal scenes and have always loved to visit picturesque shorelines, harbours, lakes and rivers. My favourite harbour is at Southwold in Suffolk. Our family have been going there for many years now and it's very cosy to have breakfast at The Harbour Cafe.

Many of my paintings also feature cats that are my favourite animal who are full of character and sometimes seem to behave as humans do, although not many humans sleep on a shed roof !

For a more, in-depth look at how I work, see my Studio-Art-Info page.

Business Information
Business name: Tony Lilley Art
Full time self employed artist since March 2006

Committee member and Web Manager of - The Bury St Edmunds Art Society
Elected member of - The Suffolk Art Society
A member of - a.n The Artists Information Company

A past member of Cambridge Open Studios,
(before moving to Bury St Edmunds).

Earlier work
Before working full time in painting I worked in photography.
My photography work ranged from Fine Art, to stock images for Photo Libraries, and also Digital Photo Restoration.
Looking back on this I realise that it was a great way to learn about composition, light value and colour which are an essential part of painting.

Cambridge Edition Magazine Jan 2014

Style Magazine June 2013

Artists & Illustrators Magazine April14

The Dream Theatre storybook cover.
Commission to create the book cover for a children's storybook, by Sarah Ball, called 'The Dream Theatre'.
This involved creating the full book cover design and front cover picture.
Here it is opened out flat showing the front, spine and back.

The Dream Theatre book cover