Comments people have said about paintings and drawings by Tony Lilley.
The Winter Comes
These trees and latest ones Tony are really outstanding work. I have always liked your work but I have to say these have been some of my favourite works of anyone in years!
Peter Gilson

The Promise of a new Land
I unquestionably love it ^^ gorgeous art! Details are nice!
Our Art Corner

I really like the atmosphere and colours of this one. Its simplicity triggers imagination, I immediately started wondering about the boat's destination.

Fishing Village
Love this so charming.
Janet Law

Fishing Village
Beautiful, really dream like.
Natasha Day

Fiddler Quay
Fantastic!! I love the texture in the sky and the atmosphere of the piece
Carol Watts

Fiddler Quay
Beautiful! I love the atmosphere in this.
Astrid Rosemergy

Fantastic work !!
Carol Watts

It's beautiful
Bengt Lindkvist

Jo Lowes

It is really gorgeous
Janet Law

Bringing a tree home for Christmas
A wonderful halcyon image, and one I can remember. The only difference is...I chopped a small one out of the forestry and took it home in my wheelbarrow, I don't know even now if my parents were pleased or not, it was stuck in a bucket and trimmed up anyway, and to me it was beautiful.
Lovely work, Tony.

Closing Time
Really like this, I am a fan of Beryl Cook and there is something akin yes I love it.
Jon Baxter

Closing Time
Wonderful stylised painting - jolly, colourful and fun.
Thea Cable

Midwinter Morris
I have with much enjoyment read most of Terry Pratchet's Disk World series but as yet not Wintersmith. Never the less I like this painting a lot and love your gallery, your paintings have that magical other world near dream quality, superb!
Robert Ward

St Mary's church Whitby
Lovely bright fresh acrylic painting of Whitby Tony and you have certainly steered away from the better known image of Whitby with the stark outline of the ruined Abbey that relates to the Dracula story.
Roselle Patterson

Bury St Edmunds Cathedral and Abbey Gardens
Super crisp quality to this painting. Love the bold colours of the sky and trees which serve to highlight the paleness of the cathedral. Well thought out and works very well.
Thea Cable

Cambridge Market - Rainy Day
I like this Tony. It has so much atmosphere and you have made a rainy day seem bright.
Dorothy Wilson

Cambridge Market - Rainy Day
I love this. Have you tried acrylic inks? They are vibrant just like this painting.
Dawn Broughton

Cambridge Market - Rainy Day
I like the design aspects of this Tony - and the bright colours that still seem
so natural on a wet day.
John Graven

Smugglers Cove
Delightful illustration, Tony. A nice atmosphere of mystery, which befits the title.
CA Jones (Note: this painting has not been commissioned for illustration use)

Dreaming of Distant Shores
Love the details!! the colors are also fabulous!! your are so talented Tony!!!
a big like from me!!!
FAZ Studio

Dreaming of Distant Shores
The colours and shapes in this are wonderful.
Dawn Broughton

The Fisherman and his Cat - go painting
I like your style and this fun and fresh painting.
I especially like the shape of the boat Tony :)
Sarah Bottjer

The Fisherman and his Cat - go painting
Really great imagination and composition. I love your style.
Roger Macdivitt

Coming Home
Love this Tony, it has a definate art-deco look to it and is lovely and fresh with the colours you have used.
Roselle Patterson

Girl on a bike sketch
This is lovely. It is so simple but extremely good.
Dawn Broughton

Jenna Louise Coleman drawing
Lovely pencil portrait Tony
Ros P

The Lighthouse drawing
I do like your quirky drawing - makes you wonder what is going on - man with lamp, plane and lighthouse...mmmm?
Thea Cable

The Lighthouse drawing
What a lovely drawing.
Dawn Broughton

Woman in a red dress
i like this image, i do not know the story, but i like the scene you have created here :-)
Rebecca Louise Saunders

The Lighthouse
Great striking picture. Tony.
Pete Crowbaby

The Lighthouse
I really like this image, it reminds me of one of my favourites, who also paints some quirky lighthouses, David Eustace.
Lesley Dabson

The Lighthouse
Love this...the depth of colour and the contrasts arre great, and a very strong sense of composition.
Ruth Dolan

Windmill at Sunrise
Love the sense of light and composition. It's super.
Seok Yam Chew

Spooky House
This is lovely Tony , I think it would make a lovely illustration in a childrens book.
Denise Butler

Fantasy Castle at Sunrise
I love the effect of the light illuminating the castle and the sea. It's a lovely painting.
Seok Yam Chew

Punting at Sunrise
very nice, it makes me wonder where they are going :-)
emma horsfield

Picnic by the river Cam
Very Art Deco. I like the precise style of this painting which captures
the romance of a bygone era.
Thea Cable

Picnic by the river Cam
A real beaut. - the composition takes you right into the picture I do like your style.
Michael Edwards